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We offer many services like Regular Eye Exams, Laser Vision Evaluation, and Contact Lens Fitting.

Doctor Wilkerson is your local eye doctor in Dublin, Ohio in the Tuttle Crossing Mall at the Sears Optical. We want to make you sure you get the information that you came for. Hopefully, we made it easy for you to schedule an appointment, find our office, the list of services, and tell you a little about the doctor. He has been servicing Columbus and surrounding areas, like Dublin, for many of those years. As a proud partner with Sears Optical, we look forward to seeing you soon, so we can get you back to seeing clearly!

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Located on 2nd floor adjacent to Mattresses.
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Services We Provide

Doctor Wilkerson has been performing thorough eye exams in North Columbus and helping patients see clearly for over 30 years. You may find that you have a few questions and we are here to educate our patients on the doctor’s findings or general eye health questions you might have. We are here to assist you in any way we can and we get great feedback from our patients. Your eye health is very important and is something you should take care of. Schedule an appointment today and let’s get you back to seeing clearly!

Walk-in Eye Exams

Come on into the office and see the doctor for a regular eye exam with no appointment needed. We are located in the Tuttle Crossing Mall and in the Sears Departments store. We are ready to see you.

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Scheduled Eye Exams

We always encourage you to schedule an appointment. Even though we like surprises, we also enjoy knowing your face when you walk in. This will make sure we have a spot just for you in our appointment book.

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Medical Eye Exams

The differences between a routine exam is determined by the reason for the visit, such as symptoms and complaints, and also the patient’s diagnosis. Insurance companies often look at both when determining payment.

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Contact Lens Fitting

First, we set an initial appointment to determine if you are a candidate for contact lenses. Next, we determine the curve, thickness, and diameter of your eye to select the correct lens for you. A follow-up appointment is always recommended.

Laser Vision Evaluation

Although we do not perform laser vision surgery, we can do initial testing and exams to see if you are a good candidate for laser vision surgery. Ask the doctor about  it at your next appointment. He would be happy to recommend you to the right place!

Pupil Dilation

We add medical drops to your eye to further dilate the pupil to see the inside of your eye. It’s like looking through a peep hole in the door. You can see a person but can’t see much until you open the door. Then you see the entire world, well at least the local girl scouts begging you to buy their cookies!


 What Your Appointment  Will  Consist Of:

  • Health History Evaluation
  • Preliminary Testing for Visual Function and Eye Health
  • Near-sighted, far-sighted or astigmatism test.
  • Evaluate the curvature of the cornea
  •  Tonometry test to measure the pressure inside the eye.
  • Visual field testing 
What You Will Need To Bring On Your Appointment:

  • Most Recent Insurance Information
  • List of Your Medications
  • Current Glasses or Contacts
  • Contact Lens Box or Packet (for comparison)
  • Most Importantly, Yourself (On Time)

After your thorough examination, the doctor will then discuss his findings and work with you to determine the best treatments available. He is there to answer any questions you might have. The more you know the better you can take care of your eyes.

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