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I have accepted a position as a full-time optometrist beginning January 1, 2019, at Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc.

Located at The Eye Center, 262 Neil Avenue, Suite 420 in Columbus, OH 43215. This is a great opportunity to see patients for routine and contact lens exams and to work with ophthalmologist Dr. Jack Dingle and Dr. Thomas Dingle who treat eye diseases and perform a variety of eye surgeries including cataract, glaucoma, and refractive surgery.

I have enjoyed my 26 years working with Sears Optical and look forward to this next step in my career. I wanted to let you know where I will practicing so we can continue our relationship. In order to schedule an appointment at my new location, please call 614-224-4297. If you decide to seek another optometrist or continue with Sears Optical and you need copies of your records, you can reach me at the above address or telephone number.

Dr. Wilkerson is a Doctor of Optometry and is affiliated with Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc

All medical exams & surgical services are conducted at our office, including contact lens fitting. A complete eye examination may include the use of dilating drops which enlarge the pupil to make it easier for the doctor to see the inside of your eye. This helps the ophthalmologist to examine the retina which helps in the diagnosis of glaucoma, diabetes or hypertension. The dilating drops may cause blurring of the vision. The pupils will continue to be dilated for several hours.

You will be sensitive to sunlight so dark glasses will be best for your drive home.


Services of Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons

Eye Exams

Medical Exams

Contact Lens Fitting

Laser Vision Evaluation

Pupil Dilation

Cataract Surgery

Corneal Surgery

Refractive Surgery

Anterior Segment Surgery

Diagnosis & Treatment of Eye Diseases

What Your Appointment Will Consist Of:

  • Health History Evaluation
  • Preliminary Testing for Visual Function and Eye Health
  • Near-sighted, far-sighted or astigmatism test.
  • Evaluate the curvature of the cornea
  • Tonometry test to measure the pressure inside the eye.
  • Visual field testing

What You Will Need To Bring On Your Appointment:

  • Most Recent Insurance Information
  • List of Your Medications
  • Current Glasses or Contacts
  • Contact Lens Box or Packet (for comparison)
  • Most Importantly, Yourself (On Time)

After your thorough examination, the doctor will then discuss his findings and work with you to determine the best treatments available. He is there to answer any questions you might have. The more you know the better you can take care of your eyes.

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