About the Doctors

Dr. Wilkerson is a Doctor of Optometry and is affiliated with Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc

Central Ohio Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. includes an ophthalmologist, Jack Dingle, M.D., and Thomas J. Dingle, M.D. and optometrist, Richard Wilkerson, O.D. Both ophthalmologists are board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and the American Medical Association. Dr. Wilkerson is licensed by the State of Ohio through the Vision Professionals Board.

The practice specializes in cataract, corneal, refractive, and anterior segment surgery, in addition to the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. We offer all phases of eye health care including the prescribing of glasses and contact lenses.

Richard Wilkerson, O.D.

Eye Examinations & Contact Lens Service

Dr. Wilkerson grew up in a small town, on the Virginia, North Carolina state line. He was raised on the dirt road family farm, where he learned about discipline and work ethic. He left his small town and went to Longwood College where he obtained his undergraduate degree. His father was a retired Air Force Colonel and he decided to follow in his footsteps and join the Air Force. This was a great decision looking forward. He studied long and hard while he attended Pennsylvania College of Optometry where he became “The Doc”.

The Air Force kept him busy as their eye doctor and stationed him in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is when his life changed forever. He and his wife adopted a little baby boy, Kyle! That was over 28 years ago. You can see pictures of him hanging in his office. After his time in the Air Force, they moved to Ohio to be closer to the family. They now reside in, Washington Court House, Ohio with their dog and cat. Ellie Mae (dog) and Jed(cat) keep him very busy.

I am sure the doc will be happy to talk more about his family and past when you come in for a visit!

Jack Dingle, M.D.

Cataract/Anterior Segment Surgery & Disease

Thomas J. Dingle, M.D.

Corneal/Refractive/Cataract & Anterior Segment Surgery & Disease 


Consultations from other physicians and optometrists will be handled as quickly as possible. After our evaluation, a detailed report will be sent to your doctor. If in our opinion, your condition requires our continued care, we will be pleased to serve you, with the permission of your referring doctor. However, problems concerning your general medical health should remain under the care of your family physician.

Please allow 2-3 hours for examination.