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Why An Online Eye Test Can’t Replace Your Eye Doctor

I have saved patients’ eyesight several times by diagnosing complications due to their diabetes, hypertension and in several instances, cancer in and behind the eye by performing an eye exam. These things would be surely missed for only the “convenience” of trying to get a prescription online.

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Back To School Eye Exams

Back To School Eye Exams

Parents, it’s that time of year again to prepare yourself for sending your children back to school or college! Many abnormalities can be detected from vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism or medical conditions like strabismus or amblyopia (commonly referred to as lazy eye).  Don’t let poor vision affect their studies!

Why Seeing and Eye Doctor Matters

It’s important for school aged children to see an eye doctor before they head back to school or even back to college. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 25% of school-aged children have some kind of vision problem. Because children often don’t realize they have a vision problem, they need to have a comprehensive eye exam conducted by an optometrist annually. Vision screenings performed at school can be helpful, but they should not be considered a substitute for an eye exam conducted by a licensed optometrist.

Eye exams are important because children need the following basic learning skills related to good eyesight: 

  • Near Vision
  • Distances Vision
  • Binocular Coordination
  • Eye movement skills 
  • focusing Skills
  • Peripheral Awareness 
  • Hand-eye Coordination

Early Diagnoses Help Your Learning and School Work

The earlier a vision problem is diagnosed and treated, the less the potential negative impact it may have on the child’s development. When certain visual skills have not developed, learning can be difficult and stressful. Many students may avoid reading as much as possible, attempt to do their school work but with a lowered level of comprehension, and even experience discomfort, fatigue, and a short attention span.

As you can see, seeing an eye doctor is very important and can have a positive outcome for a simple exam. Come see us especially if you are in North Columbus, Powell, and Dublin for any eye exam. Good luck on the upcoming school year and as always, Go Buckeyes!

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Solar Eclipse 2017

How To View The Solar Eclipse Safely

Protecting your eyes during this spectacular event is very important. Staring at the sun can burn the retina of the eye and cause blindness. Enjoy this special event, but protect your eyes while doing it!

  • Always inspect your solar filter before use; if scratched or damaged, discard it. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter.
  • Always supervise children using solar filters.
  • Stand still and cover your eyes with your eclipse glasses or solar viewer before looking up at the bright sun. After looking at the sun, turn away and remove your filter — do not remove it while looking at the sun.
  • Do not look at the uneclipsed or partially eclipsed sun through an unfiltered camera, telescope, binoculars, or another optical device.
  • Similarly, do not look at the sun through a camera, a telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device while using your eclipse glasses or hand-held solar viewer — the concentrated solar rays will damage the filter and enter your eye(s), causing serious injury.
  • Seek expert advice from an astronomer before using a solar filter with a camera, a telescope, binoculars, or any other optical device. Note that solar filters must be attached to the front of any telescope, binoculars, camera lens, or other optics.
  • If you are within the path of totality ( is external)), remove your solar filter only when the moon completely covers the sun’s bright face and it suddenly gets quite dark. Experience totality, then, as soon as the bright sun begins to reappear, replace your solar viewer to look at the remaining partial phases.
  • Outside the path of totality, you must always use a safe solar filter to view the sun directly.
  • If you normally wear eyeglasses, keep them on. Put your eclipse glasses on over them, or hold your handheld viewer in front of them.
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Doc, my arms are getting too short and I can’t read!

Have you ever went to a restaurant and watched someone holding the menu across the table and wondered why they were doing this? Or have you noticed the newspaper getting further away from you as you try to read the comics?

Some people blame the printers making the print smaller to get more print on a page, or thinking they have cataracts, glaucoma or some other sight-threatening disease (or complain of their arms being too short!!).  Yes, these problems can cause your vision to change and make things appear blurred or not see well at all, but the change that happens to make you hold print further away to see more clearly is called Presbyopia.

Is Presbyopia Age Related?

Presbyopia is related to age and the cause is still debated by eye professionals.  It is thought to be due to either a hardening of the lens in the eye or a loss of flexibility of the muscle in the eye that controls the shape of the lens, or a combination of both.  There is no medical treatment or exercises for Presbyopia except to have reading glasses to help the image focus on the retina normally.  This becomes a hassle when we always have to carry reading glasses or begin to use….get ready, here comes the “b” word….bifocals, but much better than having to squint constantly or have someone hold something up for you from across the table so you can see to read.

Presbyopia is a normal condition that, like gray hair and wrinkles, affects everyone as they get closer to 40 and older.  Contact my office and I can determine which of these conditions are the cause of your arms being too short.



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Glaucoma Awareness Month

 Glaucoma Awareness & Your Health

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. It is estimated that three million Americans have glaucoma, but only about half of them know that they have glaucoma. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness for people over 60 years old. But blindness from glaucoma can often be prevented with early treatment.

Early Symptoms of Glaucoma

When glaucoma develops, usually you don’t have any early symptoms and the disease progresses slowly. In this way, glaucoma can steal your sight very gradually. Fortunately, early detection and treatment (with glaucoma eye drops, glaucoma surgery or both) can help preserve your vision.

To maintain a healthy eye pressure, your eye continuously produces a small amount of aqueous humor, which circulates in the front part of your eye, and an equal amount flows out. If more aqueous humor is produced than flows out, an unhealthy eye pressure may develop and damage the optic nerve. Learn more at or Contact us!

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Age-related Macular Degeneration

Age-related Macular Degeneration and your eye health:

Have you noticed the older you get the worse your eyes are getting?  Is part of someone’s face missing when you look at them across the breakfast table?

If you are looking at someone and cannot see part of their face, or reading and having trouble seeing part of the words or sentences, you could be developing a common problem we sometimes get as we age (as if we need something else to complain about!).  If we have to put a big word to it, it is called Macular Degeneration. Specifically, age-related macular degeneration.

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January 8, 2015 -

Back to School Time

back to school1Parents, it is that time of year again.  Time to prepare yourself for some rest and relaxation by sending your children BACK TO SCHOOL!!  It is recommended that your child should have a comprehensive eye exam before they enter grade school.  Many abnormalities can be detected from vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism or medical conditions like strabismus or amblyopia (commonly referred to as lazy eye).  

back to school3

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Eye Health Marijuana

Want Weed for your Glaucoma?

Before you consider attempting to get a medicinal marijuana prescription and want to justify it by saying it is to treat your glaucoma, you may want to read this article and decide for yourself.  There are adverse side effects to the body from the chemicals found in marijuana.

Click here to read all about it: 

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men cataracts

Are You Suffering from Cataracts?

Cataracts are a cloudiness that develops in the lens of the eye behind the pupil.  There are different types of cataracts and many causes for cataracts.  Mostly they are due to aging changes, but can be brought on by diabetes, smoking and poor nutrition among other things.  A comprehensive eye examination can detect if you have cataracts.  

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June 12, 2014 -

Sunglasses can help prevent blindness

Wearing sunglasses can prevent damage to the eye that can cause cataracts and macular degeneration.  If left untreated, these can lead to blindness.  Having routine eye examinations yearly lead to early detection and treatment.

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Yes We Are Still Here!

I have had patients comment (surprisingly) about the fact that our business here at Westland Mall is still here, or wondering when we are leaving. I understand the concern given the status of the businesses located at Westland Mall. Our business is steady and doing well considering the current economic climate. Please spread the word to your family and friends that we are still here for all their eye care needs.

June 3, 2014 -

Come in and see the Doctor for an appointment! We can get you to see your best in no time!

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Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is one of the leading causes of blindness, especially in patients over 40. The affects on vision can be subtle and detected by a routine eye exam.

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