Posted on August 10, 2017

Doc, my arms are getting too short and I can’t read!

Have you ever went to a restaurant and watched someone holding the menu across the table and wondered why they were doing this? Or have you noticed the newspaper getting further away from you as you try to read the comics?

Some people blame the printers making the print smaller to get more print on a page, or thinking they have cataracts, glaucoma or some other sight-threatening disease (or complain of their arms being too short!!).  Yes, these problems can cause your vision to change and make things appear blurred or not see well at all, but the change that happens to make you hold print further away to see more clearly is called Presbyopia.

Is Presbyopia Age Related?

Presbyopia is related to age and the cause is still debated by eye professionals.  It is thought to be due to either a hardening of the lens in the eye or a loss of flexibility of the muscle in the eye that controls the shape of the lens, or a combination of both.  There is no medical treatment or exercises for Presbyopia except to have reading glasses to help the image focus on the retina normally.  This becomes a hassle when we always have to carry reading glasses or begin to use….get ready, here comes the “b” word….bifocals, but much better than having to squint constantly or have someone hold something up for you from across the table so you can see to read.

Presbyopia is a normal condition that, like gray hair and wrinkles, affects everyone as they get closer to 40 and older.  Contact my office and I can determine which of these conditions are the cause of your arms being too short.



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