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Regular Eye Exams & Other Services

 Dr. Wilkerson is an Independent Doctor of Optometry and is affiliated with Sears Optical & EyeMed Managed Vision.

We encourage everyone to schedule an appointment so we can make sure
we have a spot for you in our appointment book. We like knowing your medical history before your
appointment so we can get you in and out of your appointment with the information you need to
see as clearly as you can. Since we are located in the Tuttle Crossing Mall, you can do more than
just come to your appointment. There are many of places to eat, shop, and explore before your appointment
begins or after you leave our office. We always want to know your feedback on how we can improve
your eye exam experience.

Walk-in Eye Exams

Come on into the office and see the doctor for a regular eye exam with no appointment needed. We are located in the Tuttle Crossing Mall and in the Sears Departments store. We are ready to see you.  

Scheduled Eye Exams

We always encourage you to schedule an appointment for an eye exam. Even though we like surprises, we also enjoy knowing your face when you walk in and like to have your information ready to go. Scheduling will make sure we have a spot just for you in our appointment book. 

Medical Eye Exams

The differences between a routine exam is determined by the reason for the visit, such as symptoms and complaints, and also the patient’s diagnosis. Insurance companies often look at both when determining payment.

Contact Lens Fitting

First we set an intial appointment to determine if you are candidate for contact lenses. Next we determine the curve, thickness and diameter of your eye to select the correct lens for you. A follow-up appointment is always recommended

Laser Vision Evaluation

Although we do not perform laser vision surgery, we can do initial testing and exams to see if you are a good candidate for laser vision surgery. Ask the doctor about  it at your next appointment. He would be happy to recommend you to the right place!

Pupil Dilation

We add medical drops to your eye to further dilate the pupile to see around the inside of your eye. It’s like looking through a peep hole in the door. You can see a person but can’t see much until you open the door. We then can see inside of your eye and it helps us diagnose anything out of the ordinary.

Comprehensive eye examination for ages 5 and above

Standard Eye Exam

$70Starting At

  •  Standard  Eye Exam
  • Clean Environment Guarantee
  • Pupil Dilation included
  • No Hassel

Contact Lens Exam

$115Starting At

  • Standard Eye Exam included
  • Contact Lens Fitting  Fee Included
  •  1-on1 learning with the Doc (he is cool)
  • Gas Permeable Lenses 

Spectacle Refraction Exam

$35*Prescription Only, Starting At

  • Check for Infections 
  • Check for Foreign Bodies
  • Check for  Minor Injuries 
  • Non-contact tonometry only free of charge 

All pricing is subject to change.

Upon completion of the examination, the doctor will discuss the findings and work with the patient to determine the best treatment available.  In some cases, it may be necessary to consult with a specialist for further evaluation and testing. The doctor will discuss the nature of the findings with you and make recommendations for treatment options.

Discounts available for AARP and AAA members

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